Bugatti: A Legendary and Historic Brand

Bugatti is the brand of a family of artists who distinguished themselves in an environment where other automotive brands were operated by entrepreneurs with a purely technical background. The company founder Ettore Bugatti succeeded in uniting this artistic approach with his technical innovations, thus creating the foundation of a design language that was to mold the Bugatti marque. The result has been a series of vehicles far ahead of their time, and which are today numbered amongst the most valuable classic cars in the world. The brand’s central philosophy of “Art, Forme, Technique” is a description of its mystique.

Since 1998 the legendary brand and its nearly 270 employees (2014) have been part of the Volkswagen Group. Still based where the brand was founded in 1909, in Molsheim (Alsace, France), Bugatti today is an ingenious combination of the artistic roots of its Italian founders, the distinctive understanding of the French for exclusive luxury products and brands as well as the internationally acknowledged German engineering and technological leadership.

In 2005 Bugatti re-started production in Molsheim. In February 2015 Bugatti saw an important milestone in its recent history, selling the 450th and final Veyron. So far no other carmaker has managed to successfully market a product that stands for unique top-class technical performance and pure luxury in a comparable price/volume range. An unprecedented chapter in automobile history reached its climax. The factory currently produces the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport and Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse roadsters.

High Quality Standards and Unparalleled Technical Masterpieces

Bugatti attaches great importance to safeguarding the highest quality standards and to using only state-of-the-art and top-quality materials. All the cars that leave Bugatti’s production facility, known as “The Atelier”, are subjected to a meticulous testing and sign-off process before they are delivered to customers. They are then looked after individually by the Bugatti Flying Doctors, specially trained engineers and technicians, either in Molsheim, at the nearest dealer or at the customer’s own premises. This ensures they remain in technically flawless condition at all times.