Ducati: Italian Passion

The world’s most fascinating motorcycles derive from a commitment to racing. They are the ultimate expression of refined technology, distinctive design and a passion for motorcycles. Ducati, which has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 2012, manufactured 45,117 motorcycles in 2014, 2% more than in the previous year. With 1,404 employees at three sites and sales revenue of €575 million in the reporting year, Ducati ranks among the most renowned motorcycle manufacturers in the premium segment. The Italian brand inspires its customers through its uncompromising approach, top-class craftsmanship and captivating dynamics.

Mission: The Pursuit of Safety

Building increasingly agile and reliable motorcycles that are also easier to control not only adds to the riding experience but also leads to greater safety. By equipping its motorcycles with advanced systems such as ABS and traction control, Ducati endows them with higher levels of both active and passive safety. The brand’s intimate knowledge of this topic is also reflected in the initiatives launched by Ducati, including a 2009 campaign in which every Ducati buyer was also offered a back protector. This led to tens of thousands of back protectors finding their way to motorcyclists across Europe. In the same spirit, for the past ten years Ducati has also been organizing its DRE (Ducati Riding Experience) courses, teaching riders a safe but also dynamic style of riding, as well as better control of their bikes in extreme conditions.

As a member of national and international associations (ANCMA and ACEM) Ducati is also committed to promoting government awareness of the importance of motorcycles in the mobility scenarios of the present and the future. The brand offers decision-making support in the best interests of both manufacturers and the motorcycling community.