Scania: Enduring Values for Customers, Employees and Society

Scania, which became a Volkswagen Group brand in 2008, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. Aiming to be the leader in sustainable transport, Scania is building its business while creating value for customers, employees and society. Our focus is on efficient, low-carbon solutions that enhance customer profitability. For Scania, ensuring profitability for our customers depends on close dialogue and partnership to find solutions throughout the logistics value chain. By succeeding in this ambition, we strengthen our own competitiveness, profitability and future success. In 2014, net sales revenue totaled €9.7 billion.

Scania’s Role in Sustainable Transport

Making transport more sustainable requires a full understanding of the big picture – from what drives mobility to the complexity of the logistics flow in all markets where we are active. It means decoupling the benefits of transporting people and goods from emissions, noise, congestion and accidents. It's about making vehicles that are not only efficiently produced under high working standards, but are also cost-effective, safe for operators and, to the greatest degree possible, recyclable at the end of their life cycle. It includes using the right combination of transport modes and driving and vehicle maintenance techniques to achieve the lowest environmental impact.

Taking a holistic view, we seek to optimize solutions that improve the profitability of all actors in the value chain. Understanding the cost and revenue aspects of the different applications or industries in which our customers operate allows us to tailor-make solutions that improve our customers’ profitability. While important, it is not enough to simply understand our customer’s business challenges. We also need to understand the demands of their customers, and the cost implications for the entire transport flow in order to eliminate waste and improve efficiencies.

On the journey to a more sustainable future, we are guided by our core values and a strong focus on continuous improvement. Dedicated employees, flexible production, our modular system, a strong quality focus, an extensive service network, and cutting-edge R&D comprise our strengths. Together, these qualities make Scania resilient and give us a strong leadership position in a world increasingly dependent on safe, sustainable and efficient transport systems.

A Global Presence, Close to Our Customers

Employing some 42,000 people, the company operates in about 100 countries, strategically placed where our customers need us. Research and development activities are concentrated in Sweden, while production takes place in Europe and South America, and we strengthen our position in emerging markets through Regional Product Centers located in six of those markets.

We take a coordinated approach to our supply chain with an emphasis on high quality and a focus on sustainability. Central purchasing is based in Södertälje, with local offices in Latin America, India, Russia and China.

Integrating Sustainability and Promoting Innovations

Scania wants to be the leading provider of complete and sustainable transport solutions. That means integrating sustainability into all aspects of the business, including our strategy. Innovation is a crucial part of building sustainability into our business. With more than 3,000 research and development engineers, about 5 percent of our sales income is directed into R&D, and 60 percent of this is targeted to improvements in engine and transmission fuel efficiency.

Along with Intelligent Transport Systems that enable intervehicle and vehicle-to-Internet communication, we see great potential in optimizing GPS capabilities in, for example, Scania Active Prediction and platooning. In future, road electrification systems can also help de-carbonize transport. But to fulfil its potential, technology needs to function as part of a coordinated system, which is why we are working with governments and along the whole value chain to develop integrated transport systems and ensure the smooth flow of goods between transport modes.

Through Ecolution by Scania we also place great emphasis on driver training. Ecolution by Scania reduces customers’ costs and carbon footprint, while at the same time improving road safety. Additionally, it offers customers cost effective and environmentally sustainable transport solutions. Since Ecolution by Scania requires continuous close dialogue, it underlines Scania’s role as an active partner in creating customer profitability and long-term success, as well as helping to ensure that technological advances are optimized.